Our Team

We provide as much detail as we can about members of our team at St George's Primary to help make sure you speak to the correct person whatever your query.  Most recent staffing structure is attached.

Key Contacts

Job Title



Mr Bernard Cassidy

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Tracy Skarratts-Jackson

Assistant Headteacher Unit 4 (Years 5 and 6)

Mr Gaj Nathan

Assistant Headteacher Unit 3 (Years 3 and 4)

Mrs Maria Chambers

Assistant Headteacher Unit 2 (Years 1 and 2)

Mrs Laura Horton

Assistant Headteacher Unit 1 (Infant/EYFS)

Mrs Lynsey Binks


Mrs Sonia Huxley

Business Manager

(Finance/After-School club/Administration)

Mrs Sarah Jones

Catering Manager

Mrs Jennifer Price

Head of Extended Services - Dragon Club

Mr Craig Smith

Deputy Head of Extended Services - Dragon Club

Mrs Mel O'Grady

Learning Mentor

Mrs Hannah Rice

Learning Mentor

Mrs Sam Broad

Network Manager

Mr Jamie Gray

Admin Team

Job Title


Key Responsibilities

Business Manager

Mrs Jones

Member of the Senior Leadership Team. Budget oversight, capital building projects and line manager for non-teaching staff including Catering, Cleaning, Caretaking, Midday Assistants and After-School Club Departments. Overview of best value procurement and service level agreements. Member of the Governing Body.

Business and Finance Officer

Mr Evans

Day to day budget management, invoice payment, stock orders and team leader for admin team. Lead on Parent Forum.

HR Officer

Mrs Barker 

Workforce CENSUS returns, personnel officer, HR adminstration

Senior Leadership PA

Mrs Walters

School diary, newsletter, website, minute taker, admissions, absences and parent letters.


Miss Jones

Mrs McCarthy

Front desk duties including safeguarding checks for all visitors. telephone systems, first response to pupil absence, hosting parent visitors and reprographics.



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