Road Safety Consultation at St George's

Road safety continues to be an important issue for everybody at St George's.

We develop road safety education through:

  1. Our PSHE curriculum
  2. Partnership with Wirral Council's road safety team and our colleauges at Merseytravel.
  3. Use of pupil voice with our ECO committee and mini police safety campaigns.
  4. Working with our families on safe parking and walking home arrangements from upper site.

Since September 2022, we have been delighted to welcome Mike as our road crossing officer on Claremount Road. Families will have received information on Mike's location through our e-mail on 5th of September. He will be directly outside the main entrance at top site every morning and evening.  Map is below.


We are also working with our colleagues in Wirral Council to find a long term, safe and legal solution to the problems with safely accessing and exiting the building at lower site. The road closure has helped to achieve this for the last two years. However, that proposal is now being reviewed and must now be open to a public consultation.

Our long term challenge is that we have 700 children entering and exiting a building at lower site with limited space for families to assemble and two entrances exits that are very close to the road. We have addressed some of the safety issues by staggering entrance times and closing the car park to create another pedestrian entrance and exit point. We believe that without traffic controls we cannot safely exit and enter our community from the St George's lower site.

St George's Primary School and Wirral Council have been working together to trial a 'School Street' outside the Lower site on St George's Road.

St George's Road between St Johns' Road and Perrin Road will be closed to general traffic from Monday- Friday between 8.30am- 9.00am and 2.50pm and 3.30pm.

Pedestrian and cycle zone.jpg
Only pedestrians, cyclists or motorists with an exemption with be able to access the School Street during these times, only if it is safe to do so. Please respect the decision of the staff operating the barrier. The safety of residents, children and parents remain our priority and we will only open the barrier if we are able to safely escort your vehicle. There will be times when it will simply be unsafe to allow your vehicle access. Please be patient.


Staff employed by St George's Primary school will man the closures with barriers and cones. We will not tolerate disrespectful or abusive behavior shown towards our staff.

Parents are asked to refrain from parking and waiting on double yellow lines and dropped kerbs. Not only does this pose a healthy and safety risk to pedestrians, you may also incur a fine.

Please see below the School Street Leaflet from Wirral Council which includes information about what this road closure means for residents, parent and children.

St Georges_Lower_SS Graphic.jpg

Map below illustrates the safety proposals. There will be a public consultation on this with responses requested from 17th of October. All children will also bring home the attached leaflet.   You can read that by clicking here.

St Georges_Lower_SS Map.jpg

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