At St George's we use Read Write Inc spelling from Y2-Y6. It is a robust, fast-paced, systematic programme. The programme supports the aims of the National Curriculum to ensure that children:

  • spell new words correctly and have plenty of practice in spelling them (including exception words and homophones.
  • spell words as accurately as possible using their phonics knowledge and other knowledge of spelling, such as morphology (the study of the form of words) and etymology (the study of the origins and development of words).
  • are supported in understanding and applying concepts of word structure
  • spell words that they have not yet been taught by using what they have learnt about how spelling works in English.

Why do we need a systematic spelling programme? 

The English language has one of the richest vocabularies in the world. Over the last 1000 years the English language has inherited and assimilated many words from other languages: Latin, French, Greek and German. We have kept aspects of the spellings of these words, which has created the most complex alphabetic language in the world. 

English has many ways of writing each sound because we have more speech sounds than letters. For example, we write the sound 'ay' in eight ways: play, rain, make, eight, straight, reign, rein, break. Our alphabetic code is very complex and takes a long time to learn. 

Spelling Advice for Parents

Oxford Owl has useful advice, games and activities that will help you to support your child with their spelling homework. 


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