Summer Term Learning

We have so much to look forward to during Summer Term 1! Here is a brief overview of what is to come...



In maths, the children will be learning all about fractions. We can't wait to build upon their learning from last year, explore various mathematical representations and get talking mathematically!



This term, the children will create non-chronological reports inspired by ‘The Wondergarden', written by Kristjana S Williams. The children will learn about the world's most fascinating habitats and will form their own text about a location of their choice and the ecosystem within it.


During Summer term, the children will complete their Forces and Magnets topic before learning all about plants. We have also got a trip booked to top-site to use the science lab to dissect plants!


In Geography, the children will be learning all about rivers. We will be using the VR headsets to take a trip down a river from start to end... it will be very exciting! 



This term, we will be using Code Studio to learn how to code. You can even access Code Studio from home!



Bonjour! We will start our French lessons this half term. The children will focus on introducing themselves and greeting others.


Our RESPECT characteristic will be EXCELLENCE this term. Our learning hero for excellence will be the NHS. 

We will also explore how to keep safe online and the effects of smoking.

In our financial education lessons, the children will plan and run an event to raise money for charity.


Promoting Resilience, Respect and Results

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