The ROAR Response to Mental Health

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The ROAR! Repsonse to Mental Health

We all have mental health, and there are things that happen to us every day that have either a positive or negative effect on how we are feeling. The ROAR rainbow scale can be used to gauge where children are at key points in the day. This gives us an indicator of how ready our children are to engage in learning and to recognise their...



Ask your child/children to rate themselves and how they feel along the rainbow. It is okay to not feel okay. We all have good day and bad days. This will give you a good idea of how ready and able they are to engage with whatever you are doing at that point in the day.

This could be used over a week to identify key times of the day when your child’s mental health is low. How could you change your routine and structure of the day to change this?

Could you put in an exercise or relaxation session?

Is it time to connect with friends and family?

Is it time to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and connect with nature?

Maybe take some time listen to music or enjoy a story together.


Meet Resilient Ralph


 We use Resilient Ralph in school as a talking point for resilience


  • Green hat – keep calm and relax hat.
  • T-shirt to remind people to be resilient.
  • Rubberband – Do you bend or break? We all have a breaking point.
  • Springs to bounce back.


Could you design a resilient character?

Significant research carried out by Dr Angie Hart and Brighton University identified a range of ways in which our resilience can be built. These fall into five core categories:

  1. Basics
  2. Belonging
  3. Learning
  4. Coping
  5. Core Self

Please see the attached documents for more information. 

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