Well Being and Safeguarding

Since September 2018 promoting well being has been explicitly at the heart of our school's work and development plans.  Well Being should be promoted across the school community.  Our services are available to children, parents and staff.

We want all our children to grow in an environment that:

  • ensures they are safe;
  • promotes their physical health;
  • helps them to look after their mental health and well being.

During the current outbreak of Covid 19. It is more important than ever to look after your (and your families) mental health and well-being.We have set up an additional page woith help and advice to support you if you or your family are self isolating or have the disease. 

The video below was filmed in one day at St George's.  It shows a snapshot of the ways in which we are promoting well being in our school community.  

Promoting Resilience, Respect and Results

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