What We Do

Ok, so what exactly IS the PTA, and what do they DO? 


There are lots of misconceptions about the PTA, and when I first went along to a meeting, I wasn't sure what to expect.

If I'm totally honest, I thought they were all parents who had nothing better to do, and needed to get a bit of a life!sad

What I learned, is that our PTA is a registered charity all about raising money to enrich the children's lives for their time at the school.

Here's what else I learned:


1. They are not a decision making body, and have no authority in decisions which the school make regarding curriculum, staffing, policies or admissions. That is a Governor's role.


2. The committee are elected every year and they organise fundraising events, have meetings to discuss what to spend the money on, and try to think of new ways to help the children's experience of primary school be exciting and positive.


3. They run a lotto.


4. The committee all have employed paid jobs, and the job we do for the PTA is totally voluntary and we do it for many reasons, but for me, its to give back a little of what my son receives, to teach my children that you get more out if you contribute, and because I love seeing his little face light up when I'm helping around school, he's so very proud of me for it.


5. The committee can't run every event alone, they rely on the help of parents/grandparents/aunties/uncles/cousins (...and their dog!) for making the events a success. The more hands on deck, the better (and quicker!) it is for everyone.


6. You don't have to offer up your first born child as a sacrifice!  sad (Ok, so that's a bit dramatic, but I honestly thought you had to be in the school every spare minute!) and even as a committee member, that's not true..


7.Despite our school being currently one of the largest primary schools on the Wirral, we still struggle to get parents to take that first step into being a part of the support system. We promise we won't stalk you, hound you, hassle you or be a nuisance. surprise But, we would really like to make our fundraising a success, because this benefits all the children across all year groups. and we can't do that alone. We're good, just not superhuman! indecision

8. We pay for the School Minibus, allowing children to access trips, outings and events.

This is just my personal opinion, but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy fundraising for the benefit of our children, and hope I've answered some of the questions and destroyed some myths along the way frown

Jules Fisher


Some of the Events we Organise are:


Summer Fair

Christmas Fair


Family Fun Nights

Family Portraits Day

'Freezy' Fridays

Yr 6 Leavers Disco

Foundation 1&2 Easter Egg Hunt




What some of the money raised has paid for..

Wet weather Games

Reading Rugs

Transport for Trips

Help for cost of Pantomime trips

Outdoor Classroom Upper site

Play Equipment Centenary Garden



Our Lovely Centenary Garden

Playhouse in F2 area

Playground markings and equipment

Tennis/Netball sports kits

Volleyball Sports kits


Nurturing our community to thrive through opportunities, innovation and love

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