Year 6 (end of KS2) national Standard Attainment Tests (SATs)

End of Key Stage Two Examinations (Year 6 SATs)

At the end of Year 6, your child will sit end of primary school SATs (Standard Attainment Tests) in:

  • Mathematics (3 papers)
  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (2 papers)
  • Reading (one paper)

In addition to this the children's work is also rigorously assessed by school staff in:

  • Writing
  • Science

The examinations take place in the second full week of May.  Actual dates are included in the attached leaflet.

These are national assessment results and form part of your child's academic records.

Examinations changed in 2016.  These are recognised as being more challenging and difficult for children.

Results are sent to you with your child's annual progress report in July.

The attached leaflets and presentation provide further information.

We have also attached:

  • Test sample papers so families can familiarise themselves with the expectations for national tests.
  • Leaflet from Department for Education that explains how parents can make sense of the 2016 SAT results
  • Link to a video for parents from the Department for Education explaining the new national tests.  There is also a leaflet that can be downloaded.


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