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Additional Ideas for Home Learning

Our staff are working really hard to ensure that they provide you with a daily timetable for learning.  However, we understand that for many families achieving this is not always possible.  Remote education is there to support your child - not bring unmanageable pressure into the family home.

This page will contain links to additional resources and ideas for learning at home that you can do instead of the daily timetable or to give your child additional tasks if they want to stay engaged in the evening, during holiday periods or at the weekend. 

We have also set up a help page with top tips for home learning - that can be accessed by clicking here.

We have also uploaded some free English and Maths activity books for children in Years 1 to 6.  These can be accessed by clicking here


Reading (and Accessing Books)

Information about the school’s English curriculum has already been shared on our website.  Full page can be accessed by clicking here.  

We have several digital reading platforms available to children in our school during remote learning: 

Accelerated Reader is used from Years 2 to 6.  When children have read a book, they can complete an online comprehension quiz.  Children will have to use their login details and password for Accelerated Reader.  The English team have set up an information slideshow that can be accessed by clicking here.
Our children have access to an online collection of non-fiction books for children.  They have their own password to login.  Mrs Horton posted a video on our website to support families with using myON books.  You can watch that by clicking here.
Ruth Miskin phonics will be streaming live lessons daily through their website.  This page also has links to guide for parents about phonics and 'Storytime with Nick' videos.
Phonics Play has a number of helpful resources that will aid your child in the fundamentals of reading. A fabulous website that can support the developing reader. The guest username is jan21 and the password is home.
BBC Bitesize have a number of useful and engaging videos for Set 2 and 3 sounds. 
Oxford Owl books are used by children across the school.  There are a number of free e-books.  Your child may have a login for this portal to access the wider library.  If not, families can register online.

Epic is a website with access to 40,000 books.  Parents can register online with a free 30-day trial.  The website is aimed at the American education system but has a huge library of books for every age and interest.

If children have a class code, they can also access this free of charge for 2 hours after school.  

Fancy a change? Audible offers a number of free audiobooks. These are playable from all devices.
Great website for many of our older readers. Each week the National Literacy Trust put forward an 'Author of the Week', a chance to read one of their books and some related activities.
RNIB Bookshare.  Children with sight or dyslexic learning needs can access over 750,000 books from RNIB bookshare.  You simply register to access these online resources.
150 children use Lexia at school.  If your child uses the Lexia reading program, you will have been sent their login details and passwords through a Scholar Pack e-mail.  If you have any problems, please get in touch with the school office.
A great site for understanding meaning of ambitious vocabulary and exploring synonyms, antonyms and words in context.


Should you require further information about the maths curriculum, you can find it here. Below is a list of a range of maths resources to supplement your child's remote learning.
Keep your child's mathematical brain sharp, by racing against the clock. All you need to do is log into TT Rock Stars with the relevant username and password.
Great resource for children to get help and explanations when they get stuck with some tricky mathematics.  Maths is Fun has detailed explanations, videos and activities for your child to secure their mathematical understanding.  Even used to help parents and teachers who find mathematics tricky!
NatWest - Money Sense programme - a collection of resources to teach your child(ren) about the world of finance.
Some free resorces for children in Years 1 - 6. Unsure of how to teach certain methods or concepts? Lots of handy step-by-step videos from White Rose Maths.
Third Space Learning have produced a series of worksheets, to match the White Rose Maths resources. Should you wish to develop your child's application of these maths skills further, do take a look at this.
The Khan Academy have a whole host of resources that will aid your child's confidence and competence in maths. Sign up for a free account (and pardon the Americanisms). 
Hit the Button is similar to TT Rock Stars, but less jazzy and no login required, your child can try and beat their personal best score against the clock!


A wonderful array of scientific resources to explore your child's wonder, curiousity and intrigue. Information regarding the science curriculum can be found here.  

A free and excellent resource that is produced by The Wellcome Trust. You could do one Explorify activity a day with your children. Mark each activity that they do as 'done' to unlock more activities. 

Reach Out Reporter is a free weekly science news programme for primary-aged children. You could watch it each week with your child. The website has lots of suggestions for how to use the news bulletins to spark science conversations - dinner-table conversation at its finest!
The Royal Institution have created a dedicated website for home science activities which are fun and simple to follow.
Those of you that have access to a garden can download free mini-beast spotter guides from the Woodland Trust.
Run your very own science reading challenge at home using this great PSTT resource.
A gargantuan range of science resources, brought to you by The Ogden Trust, for you and your child - the world's your oyster!


PSHE is vitally important, particularly at this time. All of these themes tie into our own RESPECT principles.  
Your child can use this resource to help them with relaxation and visualisation.  They can also record their daily experiences in their Life Book.  Please see this link for more details.
imoves' mission is to create brighter, healthier and happier children by getting them active every day.
A lovely collection of PDFs available on a broad range of interesting and relevant topic matter.


11+ Materials

We know that many children in Year 5 are keen to start on preparation for grammar school entrance examinations (known as 11+).  We have a dedicated area of our website set up for this.  This can be read by clicking here

The links below have been made free to families during Covid-19 pandemic.

Bond are a commercial supplier of resources to support tuition for grammar school examinations (known as 11+).  They have created a bank of free resources that you can access by clicking here

Also have a free set of interactive tests that can be accessed by clicking here. 

Eleven Plus Exams have created a collection of free 11+ preparation guides and practice papers for families. can access them by clicking here
CGP are a commercial supplier of resources to support tuition for grammar school examinations (known as 11+).  They have created a bank of free resources that you can access by clicking here
11 Plus Guide is designed to be a one stop for families considering the 11+.  They have compiled a helpful page of free resources to support your child.   That can be read by clicking here


Play whilst learning? Set your child free on a wide range of tasks: app creating, game de-bugging, animating, to name but a few... Our curriculum outline for this subject can be found here.

A live weekly webcast delivered by where their team will teach children at home while school is closed, and a weekly challenge to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.

Your child can create stop-motion animations quickly at Cloud Stop Motion, easily and for free!

With Scratch, your child can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share their creations with others in the online community.

Mojang and Microsoft have made educational material for Minecraft free till 30th June. Yippee!


Many of the skills your children learn in maths and English could also be utilised here. Drawing a map to scale, interpreting facts and figures, constructing timelines all require mathematical skills. When your child is playing the role of historian, geographer or theologian their comprehension skills will be required as they read through a range of sources. The history and geography curriculum outlines can be found by clicking on the subject name. 
Explore this resource to its fullest - lots of content about animals, science, history and  geography to feed your children's curiosity. 
If your child is interested in our planet and the wondrous creatures within it, this YouTube channel may be the one for them. A range of programming available, including: Earth Sketch Pad, VIPets, Bugface and Deadly 60. 
Google Earth have outdone themselves. A truly magnificent range of topics covered in Ultra HD detail. Worth a peruse. 
BBC History have a whole host of history content - ancient history to modern history and everything in between. Sites like this will not only  build your child's indepedence of learning, but feed their intrigue of the world that surrounds them.
A comprehensive encyclopedia of history, including easy-to-follow lesson plans, quizzes to consolidate knowledge and worksheets to move learning along.
An old-school website packed full of useful information about the continents of the world and all its countries from a historical and geographical perspective.


Art combines many skills and subjects: measuring and maths, constructing and computing, manufacturing and design. Our art curriculum statement et al can be found here. Art is one of those subjects that really can bring family members together. Have a peruse through the following:
During the initial lockdown, this YouTube channel gathered much momentum. With hundreds of thousands of views last time round, will your child(ren) join in the fun on this occasion? Many drawing tutorials led through the process, step-by-step.
Simplistic arts and crafts for little ones can be found here.
Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest can be searched for on The Imagination Tree.


Physical and Mental Health
PE and movement breaks - listed below are some fantastic resources to encourage your children to move throughout the day and remain healthy whilst learning at home:
The nation's favourite PE coach, Joe Wicks (not including St George's very own of course!), will aim to get your whole family off the sofa or away from the desk in an attempt to make you sweat. 
Take a moment to enjoy a Cosmic Yoga session.
You won't thank us for this one, but your children will undoubtedly enjoy some physical exercise to some rather interesting music - all good for the mind, body and soul - courtesy of GoNoodle


Virtual Tours
During lockdown, we have not been able to visit many of the places we would have liked to. Below are many virtual tours of interesting places to visit and whilst not quite the same, at least we do not have to contend with the weather or the traffic!
A full 360° tour of the world famous seat of British government is available for all. Here you will be able to work your way through the Peer’s Corridor and take a peek at the Robing Room before spinning around in the Central Lobby.
Moving away from the capital for a moment, we head to Bath for an incredible look at the city’s most famous attraction...the Roman Baths. Steeped in history, this virtual tour takes you across the terrace and into (not literally) the Great Bath. 
The wonderful Natural History Museum has an entire virtual museum to explore. Interactive talks, behind-the-scenes exclusives, and even a brilliant narration from the one and only Sir David Attenborough are all just a click away. 
Fans of the fantastic TV show, The Secret Life of the Zoo, will be delighted to learn that Chester Zoo has opened its virtual doors for all. There are live streaming events, and ways to catch up if you miss them, all at the end of your fingertips.
For those with a more thespian outlook, Shakespeare’s Globe on London’s South Bank may be more up your street. This beautiful circular, 16th century playhouse oozes character and charm...even when viewed online. There’s also a downloadable app available from the page. Go check it out.


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